Kit Assembly

Kit assembly or kit packaging refers to putting together various components needed in a sealed and packed container to be opened when used. Through kit assembly, individual items can be incorporated into assemblies or kits and are packaged for customer sales outlets or for consumer usage.


The main objective of having labels for products is to ensure that consumers have quick access to all the necessary information on the content and composition of products, in order for them to exercise real choice.

Depending on the type of product, sticker labels may have general information or specific details on a particular aspect of the product, such as its origin or production method so that buyers can decide which is best for their health and their interests.

Some products are also required by law to have sticker labels that contain particular information, in order to guarantee their safe use and allow consumers to make the correct purchase decisions.

At All Food and Candy we offer a fast turnaround label printing and labelling service where we can print, and place your product label on all sorts of products.
Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a form of packaging that encases your product in a transparent and tight layer of plastic.  Shrink-wrapping is often used for retail display so that your product is still visually appealing but also protected to prevent product tampering. Shrink wrapping is also ideal for odd shaped products and for placing products together for promotional packaging such as two-for-one offers.

At All Food and Candy, we can offer a variety of shrink wrapping options and sizes.  Shrink-wrapping is also cost effective and extremely flexible.  We provide shrink wrapping and other packaging solutions that are suited to your needs. We are proud of our work and our team of employees takes great satisfaction in delivering on time jobs and top quality shrink wrapping services.